The original residential building occupied by Hotel Le Palais Prague since 2002 was built in 1841 and completely reconstructed in the style of the Belle Époque between the years 1888 and 1897.  The reconstruction aspired to create something that would markedly differ from contemporary 19th century art and architecture. The characteristic features of this epoch were the rediscovery of the joy of life, optimism, and trust – the “New Renaissance”.  The original, consistently and harmonically preserved Belle Époque traits are expressed with exceptional potency. The magnificent frescoes by Luděk Marold depict the exuberant life of the golden age of the Belle Époque and bespeak of the author’s sense of creative work to the smallest detail.

In December 2013, Italian businessman Dr. Nino Altomonte purchased the building with the intention to induce an even higher nobility level the hotel already has. With humility and respect to the historic palace, together with the award winning Czech architect, Richard Zachar, this talented duo are now bringing their considerable talents to transform this Boutique hotel into a work of art, creating a unique project, which the Czech market has not seen yet.